Establish A Communications Plan and Assign Roles

Identifying the communication plan and assigning roles and responsibilities to member of your Disaster Recovery team.

 Who is responsible for "declaring" a disaster, and what is the communication chain?
 What is the communication plan to employee ?
 What is the communication plan to customers? To suppliers and partners? To the general public?
 Who is authorized to communicate with shareholders? With governmental agencies Including municipal and reguIatory?
 Which Disaster Recovery team members are responsible for recovery operations versus salvage operations?

It is important to be able to move quickly, and communicate efficiently.

From a communications standpoint ills important to have a well-organized, accurate and up-to-date list of contacts for each function or role, Including emergency contact home and cell phone numbers, email addresses (remember, corporate email may be down) and a chain of communications so Instructions can be distributed hierarchically.

Employee training is absolutely critical.

 Once people know what their roles are, It Is important that they know how to execute on their tasks, who to escalate issues to or seek instruction from, and where to find the most current version of the plan.
 If people are not trained,and clear on their responsibilities, the actual disaster scenario will go very badly.